Genesee County Property Values Increase

April 28, 2015


Taxable property values increased in Genesee County communities in 2015. According to a story published in MLive the average increase was 1.74%. The story also reported that values declined in some areas. Notably Flint, Mt. Morris and Montrose saw slight decreases on average. See more here:

The news is somewhat misleading as it deals with averages. For example, my home in Flint saw an increase in taxable value for 2015.

Friends who live in Flint report the same for their homes. It’s another case of the details being in the data and the data needs close examination if you want the complete story of your community and the value of your home. Another prime example: a house a few doors down from me just sold for $5,100 more than the original asking price.

It’s another reason to work with a well-informed realtor when looking to sell your home or buy a new residence. Want to see what the assessed value of a property in Genesee County? Follow this link:

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Next up: Assessed value vs. market value



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