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Accurate Data: The Key to Any Real Estate Transaction

When you have all the facts, decisions are easier to make. Whether you’re buying or selling a home it is critical to have accurate information to complete a successful not stressful transaction. I can help you discover the FACTS of your transaction.

It is also important that work with an agent that can provide honest and informed opinions about your transaction. Combine facts with professional consultation and you have a working formula for success.  I work with my clients to develop a crystal clear picture of their plan to sell or buy a home.  Drawing on multiple information resources and real world experts, I help you understand the selling and buying process from beginning to end.


Selling your home can be very easy or very complicated. Most times it’s a little of both. What every seller needs is accurate information.  I can provide you with excellent data about the value of your home, the conditions in the marketplace, the realities of your particular situation and possible solutions to barriers to selling your property. And I can provide you with an estimate of the net proceeds of the sale of your property. While I cannot by law offer any legal or other professional service advice, I can direct you to advisers who are experts in their field.  Seller’s Guide


Purchasing a home can be one of the most challenging financial transactions of your life. I like to tell my clients that a pencil and a piece of paper are your most important decision-making tools. With the correct set of numbers, you can make solid decisions about the kind of home you can afford. With your help, I can help you draw a financial picture that fits your circumstances BEFORE we start looking for the house of your dreams. Buyer’s Guide

Client Testimonials

"Selling my home was truly a great and quick experience with Stan Blood. I was not expecting to sell as fast as it did, and didn't expect to get what I was asking. Stan was eager to answer my questions. At no time did I not understand the selling process. I had neighbors who tried to sell with other agents and either did not sell or sold not even close to their asking price. When I get ready to buy I will be calling Stan Blood." 

 Eric & Leslie Rose